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Are you memorable with your clients?


"Most people treat Photography as a technology business, and Yes! there many are elements of tech & great gear that contribute to your success, but in truth we are a PEOPLE business.  Being memorable will make or break your photography business, and we have prided ourselves as being memorable for all the right reasons!  In the beginnings, there was a learning curve to find that sweet spot, but since 2008 we have been working hard to have our clients needs met so they will naturally and most voluntarily become an extension of our sales force via word of mouth.  Being early to work means you are actually on time, carry backups for your backups, charge a fair wage for services rendered, and speak to people/treat people the way they expect to be spoken to and treated and you will find sales will multiply exponentially."  - Alec Turner 


Turner Family Portraits is a family-owned mobile portrait and fashion photography studio founded by published photographer, Alec Turner.  Established 2008.

TFP is internationally published (US, Austrailia, Bahamas, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico) and trusted for all kinds of intimate, private, family photography for celebrities, and the everyday people alike, our families, our friends, and children.

We're trusted by models, brides, universities, and religious organizations as well  See some of our affiliates & clients here.  

Professional show/event producers have used our services since our inception, including but not limited to Full Figured Fashion Week, Harlem Fashion Week, Big Apple Fashion Week, and the internationally known Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.


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