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All About

Alec Turner

"It has been my passion since 1996 to manifest my creativity as a successful cinematographer/photographer and after developing my craft for free for many years I sold my first pro photo gig in 2008 and have not looked back since.


I was born and raised in QUEENS, NYC and those that know me, know that I have operated or been a part of over 10 different startup ideas since the age of 11 from fixing bikes in my mom's hallway and renting out my Nintendo games, to today where I am a professional photographer and have partnered with my family members and organizations all over the world as Turner Family Portraits.  


At TFP we pride ourselves as photographers that can capture time in a bottle at your events and will make even the most ordinary, everyday, non-celebrity client look their absolute best in a portrait or at an event.  I am dedicated to making everyone look and feel like we have made a difference.

I AM my own business and when I am not shooting, I spend most of my time on the computer working on projects for clients all over the country, and thus can be reached by email, or social media almost immediately sometimes!  



Thank you for considering our family to photograph your most intimate moments."

- Alec





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